Good and effective corporate governance has become increasingly important together with requirements for independent oversight and considered and actual

decision making within both investment funds and companies operating offshore.


Cohort offers a discreet and tailored approach to the

corporate governance needs of individual clients and

provides qualified and experienced Bermuda resident individuals as Directors and Officers, when

appropriate to do so.


The provision by Cohort of Directors and Officers is

ancillary to and complimented by its Corporate Services,

Corporate Management and Fund Advisory capabilities.



The provision of Directors will include:


  Attendance at board meetings in person or by

conference call as and when required


  Proactive approach to the conduct of board

meetings and the appropriate adoption of policies

and procedures dealing with governance issues;


  Review of any material contractual arrangements

to be entered into by the company;


  Review, comment and approval of the company’s

financial statements;


  Review of proposed changes to statutory

documentation, including the company’s memorandum

and articles of association, prior to the company

adopting such changes;


  For investment funds, reviewing and providing input at

the drafting stage of the offering document, marketing

material, fact sheets and due diligence documentation.


The provision of Directors and Officers will be made following

a full assessment of the relevant company and its corporate requirements. Cohort will impose capacity constraints based upon the number and nature of directorships seeking to

ensure sufficient time and attention is available and

committed to each appointment.