Cohort provides a full range of corporate and administrative services to companies and partnerships established in Bermuda.  Cohort works with clients and/or their advisers to establish appropriate vehicles and structures for their businesses.


Cohort provides on-going corporate secretarial assistance and support including the following:


  Provision of registered office.


 Provision of Bermuda resident Directors and Officers.


  Provision of Resident representative and

Company Secretary.


  Convening statutory and other meetings.


  Preparation and filing of statutory returns and notices.


  Preparing share transfers, share certificates,

proxies, declarations of trust and other miscellaneous

documents as may be required from time to time.


  Acting as share registrar and transfer agent.


  Establishing and maintaining the register

of directors and officers, the register of

shareholders, the company's minute book

and other statutory records.


When a greater degree of day to day management and control conducted from Bermuda is required, Cohort provides a range of corporate management services that can be tailored to fit the individual needs of clients.