Cohort provides corporate management services to international businesses operating offshore.

Cohort’s principals have considerable experience operating international businesses and investment companies from within Bermuda.


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Why Bermuda?


Bermuda has a substantial business community, developed 

over many years, and regarded as a premier offshore 

jurisdiction to base a business operating internationally. 

Bermuda enjoys a ‘best in class’ reputation earned because 

of its pro-business culture, high caliber of its professional

service providers and its tax neutrality.


Bermuda's dynamic financial services industry provides 

the full range of products and services for international 

business. In essence, Bermuda’s success is based on 

its stable operating environment, quality of its workforce, 

sensible but firm regulation to international standards 

and progressive, flexible and comprehensive legislation.


Bermuda is a pre-eminent offshore business and financial 

services jurisdiction supported by quality banking, legal, 

accounting, financial, trust and management services 



Bermuda is a truly offshore financial center, with a first

class reputation. Located just seven hundred miles off the

US eastern seaboard and less than seven hours by air

from London, Bermuda is both geographically and

legislatively independent and neutral, making it an

ideal hub for international finance.



Business Considerations


  Bermuda is a tax neutral jurisdiction.


  Bermuda is a leading offshore financial centre with

no corporation tax, income tax or withholding tax.


  Bermuda is placed in the lowest risk category

in the most recent assessment by the U.S. State

Department on vulnerabilities and threats to the U.S.

national security and the stability of the global financial

system, posed by money laundering and terrorist

financing (March 2009).


  Bermuda’s legal system is based on English Common

 Law with a right of final appeal to the Privy Council.


  Bermuda is OECD white-listed and the OECD has

confirmed that Bermuda has “all elements in place”

in its legal and regulatory infrastructure to achieve

international tax transparency standards.


  Bermuda is in the top 3 reinsurance centers along with

London and New York and one of the largest captive

insurance domiciles.


  The Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), established in

1971, is the world’s largest fully electronic offshore

securities market, and is a full member of the World Federation of Exchanges. The US Securities Exchange Commission recognises the BSX as a 'Designated

Offshore Securities Exchange' (DOSM) and the UK

Financial Services Authority (FSA) recognises the

BSX as a 'Designated Investment Exchange' (DIE).